Where Is HGTV’s New Show ‘Rico to the Rescue’ Filmed?

There are a few kinds of shows that we can never get enough of: Real Housewives spinoffs, cooking competitions, and pretty much anything on HGTV. Listen, these are our comfort shows and we can’t live without them.

Lucky for us, HGTV has its newest show, Rico to the Rescue, premiering on Jan. 7, just in time for a cozy night in! Rico to the Rescue follows construction and home renovation expert Rico León as he helps homeowners fix their disastrous contractor issues.

But where was the show filmed? Let’s find out!


Where is ‘Rico to the Rescue’ filmed?


Rico to the Rescue “is a home renovation series starring builder Rico León as he steps in to help Denver homeowners salvage renovations that have gone off the rails.” So naturally, the show takes place all over Denver!

But while Rico may be focused on clients in the Mile Hile City, he hopes to help viewers all across the country understand what to look for in a contractor when planning renovations. His No. 1 tip: Get good references.

“Ask for three references from the contractor you’re looking to hire, then give the references a call and get photos of the work the contractor did in their homes,” Rico told HGTV. “It’s all about doing your due diligence.”



Let’s meet the host of ‘Rico to the Rescue’!

Rico León is originally from Pittsburgh and was making his way to California when his car broke down in Denver. He loved the city so much that he decided to stay. Rico is also Puerto Rican, making him the first Latinx host of any show on HGTV.

Rico got his start at a plumbing company before working his way up! Now he owns multiple businesses in the Denver area.


In addition to Rico being a construction consultant, he’s a real estate agent at DaVinci Realty. He’s also the founder of a real estate influencer program, has his own restoration company, works with Goat Development Group to design eco-friendly buildings, and is the VP of Marketing for a roofing company. On top of doing all of that, Rico somehow still has time to run his own production company.

Being the host of this show means a lot to Rico because he identifies with the clients based on his own experience. He told HGTV that he has lost money to bad contractors and is really excited to help people through a tough situation.

“On the show, I take what I’ve learned from [my own situations] and help mediate between the contractor and the homeowner,” Rico said. “We meet with lawyers, we show you how to break contracts, how to solve issues without going legal. I come to the rescue.”


Rico added that, “Since I’ve been in so many bad contractor situations myself, I want to educate homeowners about what exactly to do in every type of scenario… I hope with my knowledge, I can create real solutions between contractors and homeowners. That’s my new ‘why.”’

And that my friends, is why they call it Rico to the Rescue. Rico is definitely a hustler and has worked his way from his plumber days to being the host of his very own show on HGTV. Good for you Rico! And thanks for coming to our rescue!

Make sure to catch Rico to the Rescue airing on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Source: https://www.distractify.com/p/where-is-rico-to-the-rescue-filmed

Rico León

Rico León

HGTV's "Rico to the Rescue" is a home renovation series starring builder Rico León as he steps in to help Denver homeowners salvage renovations that have gone off the rails. Rico is an advocate for desperate families who need an empathetic expert to fix their stressful situations. He and his skilled team will tour the house to assess the projects, work to resolve issues with the builder, and create a renovation and design plan to turn the construction nightmare into a beautiful home.