What time will Rico to the Rescue season 1 premiere on HGTV? Release date and more details explored

HGTV will premiere the first season of its brand new reality series Rico to the Rescue on January 7, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT. This was confirmed in a press release made available by Warner Bros. Discovery network on December 13, 2022.

The upcoming series is produced by Watt Pictures and will feature host and builder Rico León rescuing homeowners and desperate families in Denver, Colorado, from dubious contractors by solving the contradictions between the buyer and the builder and transforming the nightmare project into a dream house.

In a press release in June last year, the news of Rico to the Rescue was first teased by the WBD network. During that time, Loren Ruch, Senior Vice President of Programming and Development at HGTV, reportedly said:

“Nobody wants to get stuck in a home that isn’t working for them due to work that wasn’t done right. We all want someone honest and trustworthy like Rico to show up at our door when we need a renovation rescue.”

What to expect in the latest episode of Rico to the Rescue

In the premiering episode slated to air this weekend, Rico will encounter a distraught Denver couple whose relationship with the contractor has soured after more than a year due to an incomplete renovation of their house. The host is then faced with a problem, which he tries to mediate. However, Rico fails, owing to the builder’s poor project management and communication skills.

To get the project back on schedule, address scheduling concerns, and produce a gorgeous basement renovation with a nursery, master bedroom, and bathroom, Rico enlists the help of his expert team, which includes designer Poonam Moore and lead estimator ___.

Poonam also seeks the aid of her localized suppliers and surprises the family with an unplanned kitchen renovation. As the season progresses, Rico will make amends for other clients who have been let down by their contractors.

Marred by the experience of his parents with a dishonest contractor, Rico León has set out to rescue Denver homeowners from the cobwebs of vicious contractors. By doing this, he wishes to alleviate the crisis-hit families involved with construction delays in their dream homes with his expertise.

According to an HGTV news report, Rico has been associated with the home-owning industry since his early 20s. He began his career in the plumbing business and later launched an emergency repair branch there. He is currently the owner of two thriving construction and restoration firms in the Denver region. Stating his experience, the host said:

“I grew in the ranks fairly quickly and realized my brain was wired to write contracts and help homeowners protect themselves.”

As per Rico’s official website, the builder has managed to sign, sell, develop, and supervise over $350 million in real estate, construction, residential & commercial development & roofing during his 12-year career graph. Moreover, he is reportedly the first Latino host to feature on HGTV.

Describing his purpose and motto, Rico states:

“I’m an advocate for homeowners dealing with a contractor crisis, because my own parents were taken advantage of during a renovation. When I get a call for help, my goal is to resolve the conflict between the homeowner and the home builder and to go above and beyond to successfully complete the project.”

Rico to the Rescue is set to air this Saturday on HGTV and Discovery+.


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Rico León

Rico León

HGTV's "Rico to the Rescue" is a home renovation series starring builder Rico León as he steps in to help Denver homeowners salvage renovations that have gone off the rails. Rico is an advocate for desperate families who need an empathetic expert to fix their stressful situations. He and his skilled team will tour the house to assess the projects, work to resolve issues with the builder, and create a renovation and design plan to turn the construction nightmare into a beautiful home.